Class of 2018

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    January, the first month that marks the countdown to graduation. For seniors, this is very hectic and exciting time of their life. These next 5 months are full of fun, sadness, and work.

    First, seniors are happy to leave high school and go off to college or wherever they choose to go. They don’t have to worry about having to show up to class, or needing to wake up every morning at 7:00 to get ready for school. They will not have to worry about parents nagging them with curfew times or needing to have the chores around the house done, but of course, there are still things like laundry that need to be done every once in a while. While in high school, students do have the freedom of choosing their classes and what period to take them, but it doesn’t come close to how a college student is able to choose their classes. In college, students are able to not only choose what classes they want to take, they can also choose the times and days they want to take the classes. For example, if they hated waking up early morning, they could choose their first class to be at 10:00 in the morning and on a Tuesday, because they do something else on Monday. Seniors at this time, besides thinking about college, are having fun coasting through the final months of high school. The get-togethers, hangouts, or graduation parties are what help push seniors through their final months of schooling.

    Then… the sadness rolls in, the thought of leaving high school and friends starts to arise. To be honest, being in high school is pretty easy. Usually, teenagers don’t have to worry about certain tasks that then later must be taken care of on their own, such as doing taxes, voting, and having to buy their own gas. Many teenagers also begin to realize that they probably won’t see their friends for a very long time or ever again. They make the most of their time by hanging out with friends or going to as many social events as possible, probably more than their first three years in high school combined. Some teens might go all out and experiment by doing as much as they can. They try many new things and might even ask someone out.

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Bottom line, the majority of seniors are very happy leaving high school and all the restrictions that come with it. They look forward to the parties, freedom, and overall having a great time in college. Many are prepared for the workload that comes with college, but a small number are just not cut out for college coursework. With that said, all seniors, no matter what, must go into college with a goal in mind and must have the correct mindset going in.




Music Eagles Team

-Tyler J.

A Study Guide for Finals

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Hello readers, today i’ll be going over some do’s and don’ts for finals week. As you all might or might not know, next week will be a very long and excruciating week to go through. Every class will have something, either cumulative or a unit test of some sort. Don’t get super stressed for it because it’s only 2 hours of your life. Get ready and be ready. Down below are some tips for the week!



Not getting enough sleep is the first and foremost problem most teenagers face nowadays. Proven my scientists, getting around 6-8 hours of sleep can help you focus better in school. Don’t study all night, you need sleep. Being sleep deprived is not the way to go, as it can cause you to lose focus during the most important 2 hours of your high school life.


One thing most teenagers do is cram at the last minute and stay up all night. That is not good. Proven my psychologists, last minute cramming only makes you forget what you just learned, instead, study the week before and spread the time out. Also try taking notes, when you write down notes, it helps improve memory because you are reading and writing at the same time, double the studying! Don’t try staying up all night to study, getting enough sleep allows you to process and store what you learned in your memory.


A countless number of teenagers don’t eat breakfast before they go to school. You do not want to part of this crew. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast will give you the energy you need for focusing in class for that final and keeps that annoying stomach grumbling away until lunch time comes around.



Do not slack off for finals week. This is the most important part of the class and for your grade. The final is a way to prove that you have learned everything the teacher has taught in that class. If you understand and know what you are doing, the final should be a piece of cake. If you are struggling, remember to study, and study hard, but efficiently


DO NOT CHEAT BY ANY MEANS. Cheating is not a good way to go. If you get caught, you can risk failing the class, getting suspended, or worse case scenario, getting expelled. You’ve probably heard the stories of people who cheat using their water bottles or having answers written on their hand, smart tactics, but not the right way to go. Instead study, or if allowed, use a note card to help increase your chances of passing the test. Don’t be part of the cheater crew, rise up and become a winner!

Remember to keep calm and relax during those fateful 2 hours. Believe in your self and what you have done to prepare yourself. As my english teacher always says, and I quote “Be the ball, and keep rolling.”

-Music Eagles Team

-Tyler J


Homemade Noodles for Ramen!

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I was inspired to make this ramen recipe when I went to Japan. I had such an amazing experience there and couldn’t let it go to waste. I wanted to recreate my ramen experience again so I decided to do it right here in my own home!

The ingredients you will need for this recipe is 3 cups of flour, 3/4 cups of water, a half tsp of salt, and a pasta maker.


Start by getting 3 cups of flour and try to make it as exact as possible.


Pour the flour into a bowl along with the salt and water.


Next, mix the flour until the flour comes together in small chunks. Make sure you don’t add any extra water.


After you finish mixing the flour together, use your hand and squeeze the flour together into a big chunk.


This is what it should look like.


Next, tear smallish sized chunks out of your big chunk of dough and flatten it out with your palm and feed it through the pasta maker.


After you perfectly roll the dough out, spread flour all over one side.


When you finish spreading the flour, feed the dough into the noodle making part of the machine and watch the magic happen.



Make sure that you spread the noodles a bit so it doesn’t stick into a big clump.

This plate of noodles is only one part of the big chunk of dough!


The Final Product!!

Thank you for visiting our website. We post our blogs/recipe’s weekly!



A Fruity Post

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Hey guys! This week I have a pretty fruity and colorful post for y’all. Fruits are wonderful, most of them taste great and are packed with nutrients and vitamins. You can eat them whole, blend them up into smoothies, make jam, or turn them into colorful fruit plates which are very photogenic, as seen below.


Alfredo Birthday

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Last Saturday on the 4th, my brother and I were deciding on what to cook for our Mother’s birthday. We had sat down and pondered for the whole week to come up with a dish each of us would make. After watching many cooking videos and reading articles, I decided to make Chicken Alfredo. When my Mother tried the Alfredo she was amazed at the taste and richness of the recipe. Chicken Alfredo, in my opinion, is an all around dish. It is easy to make and requires little time. Besides cooking this for your Mother’s birthday, you can cook this for those family night dinners, parties, or even in college. Down below is a dish that won’t make you frown.

Ingredients Needed: 1 Box of Shells Pasta, 1 Pint of Heavy Cream, 1 Small Bag of Parmesan Cheese, Minced Garlic, Pepper, Salt, 1 Teaspoon of Butter, 2 Pieces of Chicken Breast

1) Add Pasta to Boiling Water

2) Strain Pasta

3) Add Butter Garlic and Cream in Pot and Whisk

4) Add Cheese and Whisk Until Thick

5) Add Pasta Into Cream and Mix Together

6) Cook Chicken Until Brown

7) Cut Into Smaller Pieces And Place Back Into Pan

8) Add Salt and Pepper

9) Add Chicken Into Pasta and Pour Into Serving Bowl


-Music Eagles Team

–Tyler J.

A Sporty Season

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Our school was been rivals with another for at least 50 years. Every year when the football teams meet to play against one another, the stands

are filled to their max capacity of attentive onlookers. They all wait in anticipation for the national anthem to play to mark the beginning of the

game. The home team plays their fight song and it’s kickoff. The band plays at timeouts and during little spaces in the game. They play loudly

and clearly so the opposing team can hear how great we are. The score goes back and forth with no clear lead by the second quarter. Half- time

comes around and the cheerleaders and dance team do their performances. The band at this time takes the third quarter off to rest and get

hydrated before the fourth quarter. Right before the third quarter ends, the band does the traditional chicken dance and drumline cadence. The

band kids all run out, with some still playing, and go crazy dancing like maniacs. Everyone is laughing and having a great time and it helps get

people hyped for the last quarter. Once the the final quarter starts, everyone is tense. They ask who’s gonna win, is a fight going to start? The

band plays a song, the ref blows the whistle and the players attack each other. The home team scores, the band plays the fight song, everyone

goes crazy. A minute after, the guest team scores a point, people in the stands complain and yell at the ref. 2 minutes left on the clock and the

home team is 10 yards away from the end zone. Three downs are gone and the team has only advanced 2 yards. Fourth down and they run the

ball, they come close, but don’t make it. It’s a turnover and the guest team gains forty yards. The sidelines are screaming at each other, 30

seconds are left on the clock. The scores are so close. The clock is running and the players are bashing at each other. The wide receiver catches

the ball, but is stopped short by the home team. The clock turns 0 and the stands are going crazy. People are running out and jumping, the band

plays the fight song with a frenzy. The overall atmosphere is really buzzy and everyone is happy. This is what high school football should be

like, everyone is happy, even with a loss, they should still be happy that their team played their hardest. Nowadays, fights break out and the

crowd yells cuss words and slurs towards the other teams. People should instead cheer enthusiastically, without any demeanor.

-Tyler J.

-Music Eagles Team

Delicious Home Cooking: Tempura Shrimp Roll Sushi

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Hey There!! This week I have decided to present to y’all a different variation of sushi. It will be tempura shrimp and vegetables!

Ingredients for Tempura Batter: 2 eggs, 1 cup flour, Teaspoon salt, Teaspoon Baking Soda


1) Mix Together Till Thick and Consistent

2) Prepare Shrimp by Washing

3) Peel Skin Off

4) Cut 5 Grooves

5) Stretch Shrimp Carefully

6) Roll in Flour

7) Heat Oil and Check for Readiness

8) Begin Frying!

9) Prepare the Roll

10) Place Shrimp Inside and Roll Tightly


11) Shape with Bamboo Mat


12) Cut Roll Into Even Pieces









-Thanks For Reading and Get to the Eating!

-Tyler J. –Music Eagles