About Us


This website is created and maintained by two high school students who are passionate about music.

We are currently attending El Camino Fundamental High School. We are members of both the Jazz band and Concert band. One of us is a freshman that currently plays the trombone and has also played the flute and piano for many years. The other is a Junior that currently plays percussion and has played Saxophone and piano for quite a long time.

Music has always played an important role in our lives. We have seen countless lives touched and changed for the better by being given the opportunity to play music. Together we have envisioned a purpose for this website. That is to help keep the music programs in place and help music teachers and their programs financially.

We believe that music programs are valuable assets for our students and for our society. According to scientists, music stimulates many creative and cognitive parts of the brain. Overall, students who play instruments and learn music have shown better results in every aspect of school life and have higher chances of attending a four-year university.

We have benefited from our dedicated music teachers over the years. They have spent countless hours teaching us and our classmates to be positive, caring and taking up responsibilities as well as having good grades and being disciplined. Our elementary school music teacher Mr. Dozet and middle school teacher Mrs. Pool, along with our present teacher Mr. Glaser are representations of extraordinary and caring teachers.

From elementary school and on, the band programs we have been a part of have been facing financial troubles with affording instrument repairs, purchasing instruments for kids who are unable to afford their own instruments and being able to go on educational field trips. We would like to see many more younger students have the opportunity to be a part of the amazing music programs.

Our bands have always played at events such as marathons for brain-damaged patients and cancer patients, Runnin’ for Rhett and Hoops for Hope. We have also played for senior citizens, sporting events, and community events. The future of our music programs are depending on all of you who care about music.

You can help us by donating money, purchasing quality goods through our affiliate program and using our services.

All proceeds made through this website will go towards funding music programs and helping music teachers.


Thank you in advance for your kindness. Your decision will make a difference.